Welcome to our website! My Cured Computer is one of the best remote computer repair services on the internet. My Cured Computer Services is a fairly old company in the business of technical support. We have only tried to serve our esteemed customers by providing technical support in the best possible ways. Our endeavor is to satisfy the needs of our clientele whenever they need our help.

We offer a friendly, fast and reliable service for residential customers at an affordable price. We offer both remote computer support as well as onsite computer repair services to suit your budget and needs.We believe in a friendly approach to our customers and we will explain the problem and the solution in a language you can understand.

When you need live tech support and can't figure out the problem on your own, give us a call at 1-800-943-2617 and our online PC support specialists will fix your problem remotely. We offer remote PC repair and remote computer repair over the Internet.

My Cured Computer is owned by nerdygeeksolutions Inc (nerdygeeksolutions.com).


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Looking for expert remote tech support for your PC related issues? Our tech support team is Microsoft Certified and we are confident we can help you with whatever you computer has issues with. We also provide award winning Anti Virus Software, Cloud storage and our own PC optimization software that is provided to us by Systweak, the leading optimization software available for PC's.


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PC / Laptop Support

Installation of OS or other software

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OS Support

Helping you install OS or other softwares

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Router Support

Installation and setting up of router

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Antivirus Support

Updates related to current antivirus software

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Internet Support

Troubleshooting Wireless Internet Issues

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Networking Support

Tech support to set-up, install and configure

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Printer Support

Connection issues of shared printer

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Web Development

We bring you web and print services

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MY CURED COMPUTER Technical Support Features

All your technical support under one name. Enroll with us once and with just a call you will have Certified Technicians to help you through every computer and connection issue. We have expertise in providing support for

  • Microsoft Tech Support
  • Customer Service Hardware Support
  • Wired Network
  • Internet Security
  • Computer Performance and Optimization
  • Browser Support
  • Wireless Network
  • Hard Drive Recovery and Backup
  • Computer Security
  • Virus and Spyware, Malware, Adware Detection and Removal

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